who can help?

who can help? taiwan
who can help? taiwan

Taiwan .

who can help? taiwan
who can help? taiwan

In a time of isolation, we choose solidarity

You are not alone. Taiwan is with you.

We know what you are going through. We know how hard it is.

Taiwan, having been devastated by the SARS epidemic in 2003, knows.
Taiwan, having been isolated from the World Health Organization, knows.

That is why we are contributing to international efforts by sharing how we have contained the outbreak, kept our schools and businesses open, and ensured masks for all.

In the past weeks, Taiwan has provided more than 16 million medical masks to support medical professionals around the world and has worked together with the US and the EU on the most advanced rapid tests and vaccines for COVID-19.

Who can isolate Taiwan? No one.

Because we are here to help.


A Timeline of
the Coronavirus Pandemic

The outbreak of the virus, which began in Wuhan, China, has led to more than 2 million confirmed cases worldwide. At least 100,000 people have died.
Taiwan, Other countries

Wuhan health officials announce the discovery of a viral pneumonia.
Taiwan contacts the World Health Organization (WHO) about the emergence of a viral pneumonia.


Taiwan begins health inspections for flight passengers from Wuhan, China.



WHO does not recommend health inspections for flight passengers from Wuhan, China.

Two experts from Taiwan visit Wuhan to gather information on the outbreak and control measures implemented in Wuhan.



WHO says there is no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus.

Taiwan’s CDC establishes the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC)


First confirmed cases in the United States, Taiwan, and other countries.


China shuts down Wuhan city.
Taiwan restricts travel from China.



WHO chief says, “No need to evacuate from Wuhan, China.”


WHO declares a global health emergency.

The Trump administration restricts travel from China.


Taiwan successfully extracts a coronavirus sample, which could lead to the development of a vaccine.


The first coronavirus death outside of China is reported.



WHO says COVID-19 is not as deadly as other coronaviruses including SARS and MERS.

The number of infections in Europe spikes. Italy imposes city-wide lockdowns.


The United States records its first coronavirus death and announces travel restrictions.



WHO declares COVID-19 a pandemic.

President Trump declares a national emergency.


France imposes nationwide lockdown.


Britain imposes nationwide lockdown.


The United States leads the world in confirmed coronavirus cases.


WHO chief calls on countries to be proactive: “Two months ago, we already wasted one chance, and the second chance must never be wasted again.”


WHO says there is no need for healthy people to wear face masks.

Taiwan announces the first wave of international humanitarian aid, donating a total of 10 million medical masks and other medical supplies.


Global cases top 1 million, and millions more lose their jobs.


Taiwan announces the second wave of international humanitarian aid, donating an additional 6 million medical masks.


Taiwan has 395 confirmed cases, 6 deaths, with no new cases on 4/15.


The Coronavirus: A Crash Course

Chen Chien-Jen, Vice President of Taiwan, is an expert in epidemiology, public health, and preventive medicine. He gives a crash course on how Taiwan is fighting COVID19 (COVID-19) in collaboration with the online education brand, Hahow. This video is a brief multi-language version of the course.

Why This Country is a Coronavirus Hero

Getting Through The Pandemic, Why Do We Need Taiwan?

As of today, Taiwan has had a relatively low number of confirmed cases of and deaths due to COVID-19, despite the island’s proximity to China, where the outbreak originated.
    #TaiwanCanHelp share our experience
    From the 2003 SARS epidemic, Taiwan has gained first-hand experience in combating pandemics. We are ready to share what worked for us.
    • Information Transparency
      Our government holds daily press confer­ences to keep the public updated on the pandemic.
    • Cross-industry Collaboration
      Our government coordinated different industries to boost our daily mask production from 1.8 million to 15 million.
    • Responsible Citizens
      Citizens strictly follow the guidelines for social distancing and face mask rationing.
    • Agile Response
      Border control was implemented immediately in response to new developments of the pandemic.
    • Open Data
      Civil Service in collaboration with the IT community utilized open data to keep the people informed of the mask-inventories in real time.
    #TaiwanCanHelp advance medical research
    Research institutions are working closely with the government and corporations to develop rapid tests, antidotes, and vaccines.
    • Rapid Tests
      We developed the most portable PCR (polymerase chain reaction) which shortens the wait time.
    • Antidotes
      We synthesized Remde­sivir and Favipiravir, two potential COVID-19 drugs.
    • Vaccine
      We managed to isolate virus strains from patients to syn­thesize the spike protein, a key material in vaccine development.
    #TaiwanCanHelp provide medical resources
    Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen announced plans to help countries that have been most severely impacted by the coronavirus.
    • Medical Masks
      In the past week, we have made donations of 16 million masks to countries suffering from the pandemic.
    • Medical Supplies
      For the medical workers, we have donated personal protective equipment to Italy, and ventilators to Prague.
    • Partnerships
      Our government established partner­ships with the United States, the European Union, and other nations to share our resources in the fight against COVID-19.
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Mask Donation for Humanitarian Assistance

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In light of the stable supply of surgical masks domestically, the Taiwan government now allows citizens to participate in the “Mask Donation for Humanitarian Assistance” program to donate face masks to those countries in need. Let us show the spirit of humanitarian assistance and overcome the pandemic together. You can see the list of mask donors here.

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